Dukes and Duchesses

Children’s Day Nursery

Our Philosophy

At Dukes and Duchesses we are committed to children and families.

We believe that children are curious, capable beings who learn and grow through play.

Since 2003, we have held the philosophy that it is crucial to work in close partnership with parents, and provide a well trained and professional workforce who understand child development and are committed to providing a quality learning experience. This philosophy is reflected in our daily practice, and in the enjoyment and achievement of the children who attend the Nursery.

Working together with parents

Successful relationships between parents and nursery can have long lasting and beneficial effects on a child's learning and well being.

Relationships become partnerships – use of our online journal system allows two way communication and sharing of information about your child’s development.

Each child will be assigned a key person, this will be the person who has overall responsibility for your child’s care, well being and development.

They will also be assigned a co-key worker to support the child during holiday periods and shift changes.

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Parents communication app FAMLY

Yes its FAMILY without the I!

This is our fabulous communication app which we have found to be really user friendly and a fabulous way of sharing everything from day to day routines in nursery, observations and developments, messages, milestones and  events and celebrations from home.

All children are making exceptional progress in this outstanding provision. Leaders work tirelessly with parents, staff and professionals to ensure that the needs of every child are met, particularly the most vulnerable. This bespoke level of care helps children to thrive and develop extremely positive attitudes to learning. Family is an integral part of the provision.

Signature practices

Our World at Skole curriculum includes preschool Signature Practices that offer hands-on approaches to encourage the skills your child will need in kindergarten and beyond: