Our Nursery

Learning Environment

The nursery seeks to provide stimulating resources which are relevant to the children’s cultures and communities. We seek to use natural and sustainable resources where possible to encourage the children to develop their natural impulse to explore.

Six separate stimulating rooms allow children to develop at their own pace and realise their own potential. Staff are able to observe children and plan a range of activities to suit their individual stage of development.

All staff hold a DBS and are qualified, many are undertaking additional qualifications at degree level. We place a high priority on staff training and development. Research shows that children make significantly more progress in a setting that is graduate lead.

A safe and secure drop off facility off the main road, although during peak periods of the day we ask you to be patient when using the facility so that you can have peace of mind as you tackle the car seat.

Using the latest technology from an early age means that children are confident in this area and prepared for the educational technology they’ll find in school.

We invest in technology to ensure the children are future ready, An enable them to interact with age appropriate applications, developing thinking skills, knowledge and understanding. The setting has an up to date IT policy which is available on request.

We love immersing our children in everything our fantastic city has to offer and the children benefit from many, various local trips and visits to shops, museums and libraries. We also take the children for excisions further afield in our eight seater vehicle.

All rooms are secure with age appropriate furniture. A CCTV security system is fitted in all areas of the building and all staff members are extremely security conscious. Your child’s safety and well-being is of up most importance to us.



Our curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. The EYFS sets the national standard for the care, learning and development of babies and children up to the age of five. 

Although EYFS sounds very formal, it actually focuses on learning through play. It allows our team to support your child’s learning and development with inspirational activities that are tailored to their unique likes and interests. It also helps us work in partnership with parents to ensure our children are socially, emotionally, academically and physically ready when it’s time to go to school. 

Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that children and nursery practitioners just spend the day playing and having fun at nursery, but that’s not all we’re doing. By providing a wide range of stimulating activities – from messy play and baking, to art and gardening – our highly-trained team members are always making sure that the key areas of learning are covered in new and exciting ways.

The nursery environment is carefully planned to enhance children’s learning and development in each area of learning. As the children play inside or outside, carefully chosen equipment, and questioning and support from nursery staff means that children’s learning and progress is accelerated. We observe how children’s skills are developing and plan for the next steps in learning.

The Early Years Foundation Stage has 7 key areas of learning and we support children to develop at their own pace.

We support children in developing confidence and independence. We encourage them to begin to form positive relationships and respect for each other. Children learn about managing their own feelings and behaviours. We support the development of attention and concentration skills.

We provide a language rich environment, encouraging the children to speak and listen in a variety of situations. We provide extra support for those children who need to build confidence or develop their speaking skills.

We give children opportunities to be active and to develop their co-ordination, control and movement, both inside and outside of the nursery.  We also teach children about the importance of good hygiene habits, fresh air and healthy food choices.

Children are given access to a wide range of books and stories to ignite their interest. We work with local authors and the libraries to promote a love of learning. They are encouraged to link sounds and letters, and early reading and writing is developed.

Children are provided with opportunities to develop their understanding and recognition of numbers, quantities and patterns.  They are also given frequent opportunities to use shapes, spaces and measures within their play.

We support children’s understanding of the world and their community through opportunities to explore, observe and find out about places, people, the environment and the natural world. We foster a love of our city but our mission is to help.

Children explore a wide range of media and materials. They will experience a wide range of songs, rhymes, movement activities and stories.

At Dukes and Duchesses , we have a strong focus on child-initiated play and this enables us to plan in the moment when teachable moments arise. We use an online learning application which all parents are invited to download on their smart phone or devices. Through this application, parents receive regular photographs and videos of their child’s play, experiences, activities and social interactions with their peers. Parents can also add to this online learning journey, illustrating achievements, milestones and special events at home.

Information is sent to parents through this app about their learning, stages of development and next steps. We also use the app to remind parents about upcoming events in the nursery and send through important information such as the nursery newsletter etc.

You can find out more information on the EYFS and how to support your child through this important stage here:

Transitions to School

We understand that choosing the right school can be a massive step for families  and our team will use their experience  to help and  support parents when it comes to choosing the right school for a child and ensuring that you meet the deadlines for application.

Remember that we have been preparing your child for this important transition since they started nursery.

Once a child has secured a place at school, we will link with all of the schools which our children are going to and arrange for a visit to the school or for teachers to visit the nursery.

We share information with schools about each child’s interests and stages of development and any other information which is regarded as important. Assessment reports are sent to each school detailing where children are up to developmentally and what their next steps in learning are.

We make this a special occasion for the children, reading stories, planning packed lunches, dressing up in uniforms and generally ensuring that everything is in place for them to start the next stage of their journey successfully.

Our “graduation” is a celebration of everything the children have achieved and is shared with families and friends in our beautiful cathedral.  A day not to be missed!


‘Parents are highly complimentary. They provide countless examples of the excellent care and education their children receive and how the provision has helped shape their children into ‘the best individuals they can be’. Parents reflect on the regular ‘come and play’ sessions and describe how invaluable they have been in helping them to understand how to support their child’s development through play’

OFSTED REPORT - January 2021


Outdoor Area

A secure outdoor play area, designed by an award winning designer to enable the children to access all areas of the curriculum. Children are provided with all in one waterproof suits and wellingtons which means that they can access the outdoor area whatever the weather! We use the outdoor area to develop children’s physical and independence skills. The children particularly love planting and tending to our herb garden.

Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all state, local, and national guidelines

Food and Nutrition

The sharing of refreshments can play an important part in the social life of the nursery as well as reinforcing children’s understanding of the importance of healthy eating. We aim to provide a well balanced and varied menu, which takes into account the dietary requirements of individual children. Fresh Fruit and vegetables are sourced locally and delivered daily, and additionally we use the nursery garden to plant and grow produce.

The menu has been planned in consultation with John Moores University and the Liverpool Women’s hospital to ensure that the balance of nutrition is correct. The nursery has an onsite chef who plays an integral role in discussing menus and healthy eating with the children.

We have been given 5* star grading by Liverpool city council for our food preparation and hygiene provision.

The nursery will ensure that: